BACKGROUND INTERVIEWS ­– Important decisions can be solid or disastrous based on facts or lack thereof.  In the business world, it is therefore imperative to develop any information that may provide insight into potential employees, investors, partners, vendors, etc. 

With our years of experience, our investigators are uniquely qualified to uncover the facts for every decision you face.






As a private consumer, your needs may vary depending on the specifics of the situation. No matter what the circumstances, AAIG will customize a plan of action to thoroughly and discreetly achieve your goals in a 'leave no stone unturned" fashion. With timely results and accurate information, our case outcomes are unparalled in quality and effectiveness, taking the worry and concern out of your private investigation needs.

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LOCATING MISSING PERSONS ­– There many reasons a person may be difficult to locate.  Most of the time it's because the person is trying to avoid debt collectors, legal action, criminal charges, child support or other issues. 

Whatever the reason, the professional investigators at AAIG use a combination of the techniques and resources not available to the general public to locate the target subject with a success rate of 98%.

We will work with you to devise the best strategy to obtain the results you need, whether your objective is to provide answers to pertinent questions or to find supporting evidence.

As our global economy is constantly growing, it is essential that all business ventures are thoroughly investigated to ensure your next move is the right one.  Knowing the facts about potential clients, employees, investors or partners can make the difference in success or failure.

Whatever your need - from the HR department to the boardroom, our investigators will design a plan of action to meet your goals; whether it's locating debtors or developing vital information necessary to make important decisions, 


DUE DILLIGENCE BACKGROUND ­– When faced with a decision of any importance, your first move must be to investigate the history of all persons involved.  Asking the right questions, such as who the person is, where they came from, and why they are here, are vital to determining what steps to take from this point forward.

Whether your aim is to determine the credibility of a potential business partner, or employee, a vendor, the AAIG investigations team will deliver the information you need to make an informed decision.

ASSET Evaluation – Confirming the credit worthiness of investors, vendors or the financial stability of potiential employees are just a few of the reasons asset evanluations are important.

In addition, locating assets for judgment collection is another reason assets research may be needed by corporations and businesses. 

SERVEILLANCE - Knowing how to gather information is one of the most important elements in a successful investigation.  Often, surveillance and/or GPS tracking are essential tools in such instances as confirming an injury claim, validating infidelity or obtaining vital information regarding those you trust with your business, children, home, money and your life.

AAIG investigators have the technical knowledge to both assess the goals of the investigation and to utilize the equipment needed, whether for capturing on site images, GPS tracking or recording video.  Our teams have the ability to achieve the desired result without making their presence known to the target.  Lastly, AAIG utilizes the highest quality and latest technology available for stationary surveillance systems, mobile surveillance and GPS tracking throughout Texas and the US.