The global network of the Internet is both a fantastically powerful tool and potentially dangerous weapon. The reach of today’s internet is growing daily at an exponential rate, opening the door ever wider for hackers and spammers to take advantage of this amazing resource.

It can be disconcerting to realize that simply signing into your computer could lead to identity theft or financial fraud. While it isn't necessary to become paranoid, it is important to be knowlegeable and understand how cyber attacks occur, so you can surf without fear.

Methods of abuse range from email fraud, usually in the form of a link seemingly from trusted websites or by hacking. Cyber crimes range from financial fraud to cyber stalking, whereby the perpetrator captors information for financial or emtional reasons. 





As a private consumer, your needs may vary depending on the specifics of the situation. No matter what the circumstances, AAIG will customize a plan of action to thoroughly and discreetly achieve your goals in a 'leave no stone unturned" fashion. With timely results and accurate information, our case outcomes are unparalled in quality and effectiveness, taking the worry and concern out of your private investigation needs.

Computer Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics

Domain Trace

IP Trace

Email Trace

Email Locate

Social Media Research

Our investigations cover the gambit of cyber crimes - using the lastest advanced technology to conduct computer forensics, tracing email and IP addresses, etc.

The goal of each investigation is to discover how the fraud is being conducted, stop it and, if financial loss has occured, assist in gathering the information needed to affect recovery of losses.