Preparing for litigation can be a laborious process, one often hampered by many obstacles such as litigants or witnesses who do not wish to be involved, key records vital to your objective, or a lack of evidence to support your case. 

When information is necessary to prove the facts or develop critical information, our tenacious, “leave no stone un-turned” investigations, are the reason attorneys nationwide, have depended on us for their investigative needs since 1987.

The diverse backgrounds and skill sets of our investigators have led to effective and competent handling of complex investigations on a global level since 1987.  Our investigations are focused on meeting your goals in an accurate, detailed and timely fashion – no matter how basic or complex.

All of our investigations are customized on a case by case basis in order to best achieve your goals no matter what those might be.





As a private consumer, your needs may vary depending on the specifics of the situation. No matter what the circumstances, AAIG will customize a plan of action to thoroughly and discreetly achieve your goals in a 'leave no stone unturned" fashion. With timely results and accurate information, our case outcomes are unparalled in quality and effectiveness, taking the worry and concern out of your private investigation needs.

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LOCATING MISSING PERSONS ­– There many reasons a person may be difficult to locate.  Most of the time it's because the person is trying to avoid debt collectors, legal action, criminal charges, child support or other issues. 

Whatever the reason, the professional investigators at AAIG use a combination of the techniques and resources not available to the general public to locate the target subject with a success rate of 98%.

We will work with you to devise the best strategy to obtain the results you need, whether your objective is to provide answers to pertinent questions or to find supporting evidence.

STATEMENTS/INTERVIEWS ­– Cases can be won or lost on the strength of key witnesses and their statements.  In the legal sector, it is therefore imperative to locate any person who may provide insight into the case and thoroughly interview them. 

With our years of experience in litigation preparation and location of witnesses, AAIG and our team of investigators are confident in our ability to uncover the truth for your case.


There are numerous situations in which you may need to investigate the status of another person’s assets, ranging from collections to child support litigation.  In any case, AAIG has the experience and resources necessary to legally and accurately uncover hidden assets, and to give you the proof needed in your case.

HIDDEN ASSETS – Assets are hidden for numerous reasons, usually stemming from personal or business associations.  Ultimately, assets are hidden simply because the person does not want their assets to be discovered.  Hidden assets do not necessarily indicate criminal intent, but determining the reason assets are hidden is a very important factor when considering a business or personal partnership.

RECORDS RETRIEVAL - In any successful investigation or litigation, information must be developed or retrieved on order to determine the facts.  Often this entails court records searches and/or document retrieval.

It would seem that anyone could conduct records research.  However, it is not quite as simple as it might seem.  Records are indexed differently within each state, county and agency. 

Further, some records sources are not yet computerized consequently, knowledge of the individual records source is critical.  No matter what the reason for the research, it is imperative that the researcher is thorough as well as focused on detail and accuracy.  Since obtaining records on the wrong person or not locating the proper records can result in disaster, knowing how to effectively search records is essential.

Our professional network of court and official document researchers cover every county throughout the US, Puerto Rico and Guam as well as almost every country worldwide.

SERVEILLANCE - Knowing how to gather information is one of the most important elements in a successful investigation.  Often, surveillance and/or GPS tracking are essential tools in such instances as confirming an injury claim, validating infidelity or obtaining vital information regarding those you trust with your business, children, home, money and your life.

AAIG investigators have the technical knowledge to both assess the goals of the investigation and to utilize the equipment needed, whether for capturing on site images, GPS tracking or recording video.  Our teams have the ability to achieve the desired result without making their presence known to the target.  Lastly, AAIG utilizes the highest quality and latest technology available for stationary surveillance systems, mobile surveillance and GPS tracking throughout Texas and the US.